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Jafar Moh

The Trainer

"The only thing you can fail at, is the thing you never try."

This is the coach!


A Certified USA Boxing Coach, Jafar turned PRO (professional boxer) in 2010 after a 167-5  (167 wins and 5 losses) amateur career record.  Winning several National Championships and being ranked #1 in his amateur weight class, his passion for the gym started when he was very young.


Now taking on a different form of competition, Jafar pushes his clients to beat the person they were yesterday, pushing them closer to their goals "one day at a time."


Training for fitness, cross-fit, health goals, boxing and a host of other disciplines, Jafar tailors his workouts to best fit each individual client. The clients' result's prove that consistency is key, and with the mindset of holding his clients accountable, just as they expect the same from him- results are inevitable. 

So what are you waiting on... It's Time to Train!

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